Vicon Launches Latest Addition to Vicon’s Digital Motion Capture Suite: Cara
July 24, 2013

Vicon Launches Latest Addition to Vicon’s Digital Motion Capture Suite: Cara

ANAHEIM, CA — Vicon is launching its Cara facial motion capture system, the latest addition to the Vicon suite of digital motion capture systems.

Available now, Cara is designed to enable film and games studios of any size to bring characters to life through advanced facial tracking and capture. It offers improved efficiency and performance for games and film production, helping to set the standard for affordable, accessible, and high-quality character realism.

The system is available as a standalone product or can be integrated as part of a full Vicon motion capture workflow, opening up the performance capture market to a new range of potential customers. Its modular design gives users flexibility when dealing with the captured data. Users can take up to four high-definition (HD) images and pass them through either Vicon's CaraPost software to produce 3D points automatically or their processing pipeline of choice to recreate the actor's performance on a computer-generated model.

"Head-mounted cameras are the way forward when it comes to large scale capture stages," says Ben Guthrie, motion capture supervisor, Framestore. "Cara offers four synchronized, high-speed cameras with full wireless connectivity, and a robust dot tracking solution that integrates well into existing Vicon motion capture products as well as being a solid standalone system."

"The need for a modular, high-performance, and accessible facial motion capture and tracking system has long been recognized within the industry," says Vicon CEO Imogen Moorhouse. "This makes the launch of Cara very exciting and instrumental to the future of facial motion capture. Vicon's long heritage and industry expertise allows us to develop practical innovations to enable our customers to push the boundaries of what is possible. Whether the user is a start-up studio or a long-standing Hollywood giant, high-quality facial motion tracking is now accessible to all."

Vicon is also showcasing its recently launched real-time animation software, Blade 2, at  SIGGRAPH. It enables effective production pipelines and workflow efficiency for motion capture projects, delivers real-time performance, and integrates with Vicon's T-Series and Bonita camera ranges.

Blade 2's Quick Post feature gives users the option to automate the postprocessing workflow. Reconstruction, labeling, fixing, and solving can all be achieved with one click, reducing the need for intensive manual clean up and back-end editing.