Issue: Volume: 24 Issue: 2 (Feb 2001)

Products - 2/01

Design Engineering

Finite Element Analysis
Win Femap 8.0 is a pre- and post-processor for engineering finite element analysis, providing CAD-neutral, solver-neutral, engineering modeling, visualization, and results processing. It includes Femap Structural and Thermal product lines. Structural employs sparse matrix and iterative solvers to model, analyze, and visualize the complex behavior of engineered structures and systems. Thermal provides for the simulation and analysis of conduction, convection, fluid flow, and radiation for transient and steady-state thermal environments. The product's Analysis Case Manager helps manage the setup data. The price is unavailable. (Structural Dynamics Research Corp.;

Product Embossing
Win VX Vision Version 4 includes the ability to add embossed images, logos, and other information to products and containers using a JPG or GIF image file as input. It also offers a utility to automatically create a sequence of operations for making holes, defined by native geometry or imported from other CAD systems. Assembly tools model CAM fixtures and identify elements within the assembly. Drawings or rendered images can be transmitted to the shop floor. The price is unavailable. (Varimetrix Corp.;

Artistic CAM
Win Upgraded ArtCAM Pro software can be used to design and manufacture products with a high level of intricate decoration, such as jewelry, coins, medals, signs, furniture, packaging, and tableware. 2D vector artwork can be used to produce 3D shapes, and multiple copies of 3D clip art can be pasted along a vector drive curve and progressively scaled. Intaglio engraving and V-bit carving can be programmed into the machining tool. The price is unavailable. (Delcam;

Behavior modeling
Win GrafiCalc is a behavior modeling add-on for Autodesk's Inventor software. It allows users to select sketch geometry; specify design objectives such as area, moment of inertia, volume, cost, position, weight, clearance, distance, tolerance, stress, or deflection; and automatically find optimal solutions. The price is $795. (Geomate Corp.,


Training video
The Max to Maya Quickstart Multimedia Training Course package teaches the use of Alias|Wavefront's Maya software, comparing its methodology with that of Discreet's 3D Studio Max. It demonstrates basic methodology and polygonal techniques, importing, parameter linking, external references, lighting, NURBS modeling, and hierarchical structures. A CD-ROM contains the files saved in stages, and a 95-page reference book in included. The video is available in NTSC and PAL. The price is $99. (Trinity Animation;


Image effect plug-ins
Win/Mac Plugin Galaxy Version 1.01 for the Mac is an upgraded collection of 20 Adobe Systems' Photoshop-compatible plug-ins containing more than 120 image effects. The update fixes memory problems and allows the software to be used with Photoshop 4, 5, and 6; Illustrator; ImageReady; Pagemaker; Photoline 32; Canvas; and ColorIt. It allows transparency manipulation, blurring, texture and pattern generation, noise creation, mirroring, and warping. The update is free. The software price is $49.95. (Harald Heim Software and Panopticon;

Models for animation master
Win/Mac Eggprops is a collection of 3D models, materials, tutorials, and software that works with the 3D software Animation Master. The items in the collection were sculpted and textured by artists and include models such as procedurally textured fruit and a ready-to-animate photorealistic velociraptor. The licensing agreement allows users to employ the items for any visual medium, from a Web site to a feature film. The price is unavailable. (Eggington Productions;

Procedural trees
Win Tree Professional version 5.0 for producing tree models has seven 3D export file formats-3DS, C4D, DXF, FACT, LWO, OBJ, and W30. It also uses variable resolution image export file formats including BMP and TGA with anti-aliasing and alpha channel. Users can render a tree with sunlight or with its shadow cast on a horizontal surface. An included library has more than 330 parameter presets of ready-to-use plants. The price is unavailable. (Onyx Computing;


Cooling simulation
Win/Unix Icepak 3.2 electronics cooling simulation software has new user options for reading files to and from CAD and commonly used CAE packages. It includes a general-purpose IGES interface and ability to import in the IDF format. Data can be exported into Nastran, Patran, and IDEAS Universal files, and Patran files can be read into ANSYS. The software has a shell conduction model that can solve problems containing thin plates and complex geometries. It also includes macros for heatsinks, PCBs, packages, solar flux, and others. The price is $20,000. (Fluent;

Human-machine interface
RapidPlus Version 6.0 product simulation software is used to develop the human-machine interface and associated logic. It supports 256 colors in code generation, has a global find-and-replace function, can work with ActiveX objects, supports the OpenGL library, and has a WAP object to simulate Internet browsing. RapidPlus also includes new compression technology. The price is unavailable. (e-SIM;

Volume viz sharing
Win/Mac/Unix VolumePro Net is a shared visualization engine that serves real-time 2D and 3D images simultaneously to desktop computers over a hospital network. It allows a 3D study to be manipulated and annotated on one station and simultaneously viewed elsewhere, offering diagnostic imaging quality for radiologists and clinicians.The engine is scalable to meet workgroup imaging needs and can be integrated into existing networks. The price is unavailable. (Real Time Visualization;

Fluid analysis
Win FloWorks Explorer 2000 allows users to create new models and submit them to FloWorks 2000 for fluid analysis. Explorer has all the functionality of the analysis software except the analysis engine and can be integrated to SolidWorks. It includes such visualization tools as isoplots, vector plots, particle traces, and cut planes, and can generate 2D plots and reports using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Reports can also be generated directly to Microsoft Word. The price is $3500 per seat. (NIKA;


Interactive environments
Virtual Worlds Platform 5.0 allows users to create interactive 3D environments for online communities for entertainment, e-commerce, and business applications. Users can create sites that offer online shopping and use the company's agent technology to provide pre- and post-sales consulting. Also possible are online multi-user games, incentive systems, online voting, and opinion polls. The software includes customized templates and modular construction, and uses standards such as Java, HTML, VRML, and X3D. The price is unavailable. (Blaxxun Interactive;

Video production
Win ePublisher allows users to create streaming video combined with HTML content for an interactive environment in which multiple elements on a Web page are synchronized with the video. A profile-driven wizard allows users to create a single project and publish it on the Internet, CD, and DVD, in multiple digital media formats, including Windows Media, RealNetworks' RM, QuickTime, and MPEG-1 and 2. Video can be captured from a digital or analog camera or imported from another video source. The price is $550. (Avid Technology;



Flat monitor
The CM722 CRT is a 19-inch, flat-faced, shadow mask monitor. It has a depth of 17.7 inches and a modified deflection yoke to eliminate 90 percent of color purity uniformity issues and convergence problems. It offers resolution up to 1600 by 1280 at 85Hz. Dot pitch is 0.22 mm horizontal and 0.14 mm vertical. The monitor has high refresh rates and high video clock speeds for use in graphics, engineering, research, and other applications requiring high image quality. The price is $499. (Hitachi America;

Display headset
The Cy-Visor is a display headset that can be connected to DVD players, PCs, televisions, VCRs, camcorders, and game consoles and is compatible with both the NTSC and PAL television standards. It uses a 0.49-inch diagonal liquid crystal display on a CMOS backplane and provides an SVGA microdisplay with 1.44 million effective pixels. A free curvature prism lens system is 13.8 mm thick and weighs 6 grams. The price is $800. (Daeyang E&C;

Hybrid flat panel
Win The T84H is a hybrid analog/digital flat-panel monitor with an 18-inch viewing area and 0.28-mm pixel pitch. It displays 16.7 million colors with a brightness of 235 cd/m2 and a contrast ratio of 400:1, and has flicker-free operation with a maximum addressibility of 1280 by 1024 pixels and an active display area of 14.1 by 11.2 inches. The price is $2699. (IBM;


Win/Mac The ScanMaker 8700 for professional graphics, Web site design, and photography uses the company's Emulsion Direct Imaging Technology, which captures images directly from the surface of film originals without glass interference. The 42-bit, 1200-dpi scanner includes the FireWire IEEE 1394 chip set and a USB port. It has an internal transparency bay and film templates with holders for batch scanning of 35mm filmstrips, 35mm mounted slides, 6 by 9 cm film, and 4- by 5-inch transparencies. The scan area is 8.5 by 14 inches. and a 25-page automatic document feeder is optional. The price is $999. (Microtek; www.microtek

Web laser
Win/Mac The HP Color LaserJet 4550 line of printers contains an embedded Web server that supports remote management from a standard Web browser. An infrared port allows printing without cable connections. The printers have a 233MHz processor, 128MB of RAM upgradable to 192MB, a 5GB hard disk, and an HP JetDirect 610 network card. Speed is four pages per minute for color and 16 ppm for monochrome printing. The price for the base model is $1999. (Hewlett-Packard;


Plastic models
Win The Maxum rapid prototyping system reduces post-processing time by dissolving model supports. It has a build envelope of 600 by 500 by 600 mm and builds models from ABS plastic. It includes Insight pre-processing software that allows users to drag and drop CAD files to start modeling. A remote notification feature alerts users via email or pager, and a log tracks jobs. The system can be used on a network. The price is $300,000. (Stratasys;


Storage server
The Infinistore Virtual Disk Network Attached Storage server is designed for intensive I/O requirements such as database sharing, pre-press, Web design, imaging, engineering, and education. The system can be configured with fiber channel, ATM, or gigabit ethernet. It is based on a two-tier storage hierarchy, combining up to 200GB of RAID-5 disk storage with up to 20TB AIT-2 or Mammoth-2 tape storage. The software offers remote monitoring and management through a Web browser-based console. The price is unavailable. (Grau Data Storage;

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