• VR Short <I>Extravaganza</I> Created With Cinema 4D
    VR Short Extravaganza Created With Cinema 4D

    NEWBURY PARK, CA — Maxon’s Cinema 4D modeling and animation software was recently used by director Ethan Shaftel to create Extravaganza (http://www.ethanshaftel.com), a new virtual reality short film ...

    May 17, 2017

  • Nvidia VRWorks Aids in VR Development
    Nvidia VRWorks Aids in VR Development

    From engineering and design to manufacturing, operations and sales, virtual reality in the enterprise is reshaping business as we know it.

    May 8, 2017

  • Creating the 'Film Show' Westworld
    Creating the 'Film Show' Westworld

    HBO’s Westworld is that rare thing on television: a film show. Based on the eponymous 1973 feature film, the sci-fi thriller about a futuristic theme park populated by robots is shot on 3-perf 35mm at ...

    May 3, 2017